Auto-add processed image to current project

It would be useful if I am in a project, and export an item, the exported image is automatically also added to the project. Or to give a tickbox in the export options to add it to the project.

Right now, it just exports to the specified folder and is not visible in the project. Making it a clicking hassle to retrieve the exported image. I know you can ‘Show output files in Windows Explorer’ but that really is a distracting detour. I know you can ‘Load original image folder’ but that takes you out of the project.

At this point, the Projects are nice collections, but once you start editing in them you loose track of the results. For me copying the files to a dedicated directory and open that instead of a project seems the only way. But that would litter my harddrive with duplicates, something that Projects can elegantly solves.

Export + add to project seems to really make using Projects a lot more useful.

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Hello @Frankster69,

Thank you for the suggestion. Please, do not forget to vote for it by yourself (top left corner).

Svetlana G.

Good feature to add and it will save us time instead of choosing a project among more than 5 items because in this case a second window is opend to display the entire list, why ? It would be greater to choose a project in One click only / one window only interface. There is so much space to display an entire list of project and to navigate inside it by letting the mouse moving up and down automatically when scrolling is needed.

Would be the best way. Not everyone use projects for the same purpose.
And going back to put exported image out of project wouldn’t be ok, neither.
And a way to organise projects in a collapsable hierarchy is necessary feature too. Already asked.