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Using DXo 4. Like it so far. So…

Is it me, but how come when you set an Author and Copyright, it’s not saved when you create a custom Workspace? It’s tedious to add for each image. Or, am I missing a step. Equally, it does not save the imported image for the watermark.

It’s not saved with your custom Workspace, Dallas - a workspace manages only your tools layout, not their content. To save your Author and Copyright you’ll need to save them to your default “new image” preset.

If you don’t yet have your own default preset.

  • Open any image and use Apply Reset => DxO Standard

  • Update your Author and Copyright details

  • Optionally, make any other changes to the DxO Standard preset that you’d like to apply to ALL new images … such as, say, ClearView = 40 (not 50), etc

  • Create a new preset from these current settings …

  • Update your Preference settings to reflect your new “new image” preset.

Job done … John


That’s a great workaround John. I use a lot of presets though (all built by myself). Keeping author and copyright up to date in all of them is a lot of extra work. A default value would not be a bad idea (could be overridden by a preset).

Champion! Who said you can’t learn something new every day! Worked a treat!

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