Auswahl im Bild soll nicht per Silver Efex umgewandelt werden

Hello all,
I have a question about an edit in Photoshop and then with SilverEfex.

  • Image in color in Photoshop is prepared so far. I also made a selection to exclude those areas of the selection in SilverEfex.
    I want to convert everything to black and white, but not the selection.

I have tried it as described and it is also so that the elements previously marked by selection, after returning from Silverefex to PS were still colored and everything else was black and white. Only the selected areas are no longer in the original color after the return of Silverefex. The colors are clearly desaturated, which is not supposed to happen at all.

I want the selection I created to remain in the image and everything else to be converted to black and white.
How to do this? Apparently my way is not the right way, because otherwise the colors would still be as they were before the conversion.

It would be nice if someone here could give me a quick tip on the workflow?
Thank you in advance.

Greetings Rolf

Hi – and welcome to this user forum,

did you ever try to apply SEP “changes” to a separate PS layer ?
Then afterwards you can mask out what you like.

I use this technic sometimes to apply different renderings from SEP,
e.g. one with “More silver” to enhance contrast and others for the background …


separate layers created by NIK… Do you mean those, or do you make it in a other way?
And - sorry, i am a PS Beginner, how to mask out my “wanted areas”?


Hello Wolfgang,
thanks for your answer…
I am not sure understanding you in the right way…
When i transfer my image to SEP, make my settings und apply my changes and SEP closes → PS i the active Programm, there are

Just see, that you are using Nik as Smartfilter in PS. While I’m on a much older version, the functionality should be similar.

That grafik black mask hides you from seeing the effect from your Nik tool. Highlight / choose this little mask and paint with a white brush what you want to make visible.

I quickly tried myself and even copied the complete smartobject as a new layer to then apply Viveza to one and SilverEfex to the other – so that I could paint in both masks (otherwise several tools share the same mask).

BTW, I made it a habbit to always get a copy from the background layer (or from whatever you are working) as a new layer and then apply the respective Nik tool to it. Not all Nik tools invoke a new layer automatically … Later, when you don’t need the extra layer anymore, you may delete it to save space before saving.

have fun, Wolfgang