Attempting to add a keyword causes PL to shut down

I was keywording some folders today and out of the blue (it seems) adding a keyword (used many times on other photos) now causes PL to shut down.

On a larger issue, reading some of the posts here gives me the impression that keywords in PL are so buggy, that it’s not really a functional component of the program. Is there another program I could use to keyword along side of PL?

Welcome to the forum @RickJohnson

Probably the most important thing when using DPL for keywording is to use only DPL and nothing else. Writing keywords with several apps can cause all sorts of not-so-funny issues. Apart from this, DPL can be used to manage keywords without major issues. - at least on Mac. DxO’s focus is on editing rather than on asset management and it helps to not expect performance to be comparable to that of specialised tools.