Astounding What a Control Line can do




owhhh, when i have the time again to play i start some older landscape images to reprogres.
That’s the main pain in the A… new toys means new and better outcome of the jpegs in rawfile’s
i did a run of my FZ200 files through plv1.2 elite when i saw the enormous improvement.
now with deepprime and controlines i could go al the way again…
2013-2021 rawfiles run through… :pleading_face: :thinking: :scream:

did you run a contra line for the trees?

Seem to do a nice “blend if” selection, nice new feature.

Control lines are absolutely wonderful. The only difference between these two images is a single control line with no negative control lines. The control line covers the entire image with the color picker on the dark cloud and with the gradient starting below the skyline.

The first version does not give any sense of an ominous sky.developing. The second version is similar to what the sky looked like at the time. You can clearly see the storm coming. Less than 30 minutes after this image was taken there are an intense rain storm, actually more of a deluge, that lasted for an hour.

In other forums the first version would have been considered a prime candidate for an unnecessary sky replacement.



No, I just added a bit of Smart Lighting and a slight Tone Curve.

Control lines rock!!
For me, all by itself it’s worth the reduced price I paid for the upgrade ($69USD).

By the way, altho you can’t erase portions of the Control_LINE mask, you can remove/protect (or add) portions of the Control_LINE mask by using Control_POINTS (and/or use additional Control_LINES to add or protect/remove).

For example, in the sample photo above that Mark provided, you can protect the white trim of the building from being included in the mask intended for the sky. And if Mark had ended the Control_LINE above the cars, the whites/highlights down there would all be the same as in the original photo instead of being muted.

You select the area to apply the Control_LINE very much like a gradient mask. After choosing the area that the mask should be restricted to by using that gradient-like placement, you then grab the dropper and place it on something representative of the color and/or luminosity you’d like to apply local settings to. There are two sliders (color and luminosity) to refine or loosen the criteria defining the area to receive the mask. Rather easy.


And one can create detailed masks, as seen here where I wanted to modify only the area in sun.