Assigned wrong module to image

A module conflict icon was showing so I selected one and then realised I had clicked the wrong one. I have not yet let PL6 download the module - is there any way I can change the assignment to the right one, or at least, cancel the action? You’re going to say ‘no’ … I can just tell …


Don’t know, but if tou’re in a hurry, just terminate your application with task manager (or mac equivalent) and run photolab again to get the choice again.

Seing your post I’m assuming you didn’t do any choice yet.

after download / installation you can go to another folder, that doesn’t contain a pic taken with that lens (module) and delete it … to then choose the correct one

@Wolfgang - mmm, I can delete it but when I return to the folder (in fact. after a restart of PL6) it shows the module available green icon in the corner but only offers the (same) one this time. Curious. It’s only one image so no great issue.



In Windows they are stored in

When you have identified the right one, you may also delete it from here … just try it.
There is also a special ‘database’ for the modules, but I don’t touch it. :slight_smile:

But can be a great issue …
I saw some people not able to change wrong assigned modules and with no choice to do it since some photolab release (don’t know wich one - never had this problem yet - and I don’t upgrade minor releases since) .

Is it still the case ?

I have not found a way to reassign a module (other apps have a drop-down where you can make such changes). I did not go into Windows to delete but used the PL6 module list. When I was in the folder, because the module was in use, the list showed ‘No’ in the remove column. This changed to ‘Yes’ when I move out of that folder so I highlighted it and selected ‘remove’ - and it disappeared. But I’m guessing that the image now has that module assigned to it and because it was not there on the next PL6 restart, it asked me to download it and it did not offer me the choice of two that it had done the first time.