Artifacts in RAW images (Sony RX100-7)

I am seeing some strange artifacts in my RAW images that don’t show up in other photo editing apps. In almost every image I see black artifacts in four corners of the image.
I have uploaded a unprocessed jpeg export of the RAW file here Imgur: The magic of the Internet . This happens only if the lens is zoomed out all the way.

When I open the same image in Affinity Photo 2 or Pixelmator Pro I don’t see the black artifact in the 4 corner corners.

Seems to be an issue with Photolab. Could someone help with this.

Hello and welcome.

The effect is not symmetrical and it looks like if there are more wide angle effect in that shot then the specified 24mm your camera manage.
Do you have any add-on wide angle lens attached to it?

That would explain the black corners and the inability for PL to correct the lens distorsion.
Regarding other applications - some might automatically detect the corners and crop them out of the photo.

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