Artifacts I'm masks when using "Horizon" correction?

When using horizon correction it causes large “blobs” in the masks (auto masks). It doesn’t seem make any difference if I mask before or after using the horizon correction. Any solution to this or is it bug in the software?

Any ‘geometrical’ corrections (Distortion, Horizon, Perspective, ReShape) must be done first.
Otherwise your masks ‘don’t fit’ anymore – unfortunately.

Does this answer your question or is it something Mac specific?


Great reminder. Does that apply to all Local Adjustments?

Quickly tried with a controlpoint and a graduated mask.

  • after strong perspective correction both were ‘outside’ the pic (on the resulting distorted black ‘frame’), that is no more over the area, where I put them before
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Thanks, that did the trick. I tried again using auto mask for the sky and the blobs were not there.

Thanks for testing, Wolfgang. Good reminder that all perspective control must be done before repairs and Local Adjustments. Hopefully we can safely recrop our images with Local Adjustments intact. Probably – the pixels aren’t moving but just being included or excluded from the frame.