Artefact in exported image


i’m working with PL5.1.2 on Win10 (21H1) and got errors on an exported image.
on the left side of the image, at about 5% of the image width is a vertical line, about 4px wide, in which the image is a decent amount darker than the rest of the image.
my input file was jpg, but with no visible errors.

the stripe could also be seen while editing, but it was on different positions depemding on the zoom value

i’d be happy to share the input/export/dop file if needed.

If you upload the original jpg and its.dop file we can try to recreate the issue.


Very peculiar. I only see the lines when a film type is selected in Color Rendering, High Quality is selected in denoising and the zoom level is is below 75%. I don’t see the lines if any of those factors changes. I also don’t see the lines in output. I will keep looking.


I took your original JPG file and in a new folder with no dop file and no database file for this JPG, tried to replicate your results using roughly the same settings that you used. The problem did not occur. I can only conclude that the problem was the result of a one-time glitch that occurred when you first processed the file.

I agree, if this is the only image with that problem It could be that the .dop file is corrupted.


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Good morning guys!

@3dkopfkino thank you for the files - I see the issue on your original image and the output but an interesting thing - if I reprocess your original - my output is clear :slight_smile: . I’ll send your files to the dedicated team for the analysis.

Svetlana G.



The issue has been fixed. It will be available in the next major release.

Svetlana G.


Nice to hear (read) that.

Does MAJOR mean available in PL5.2 or PL6 (October 2022)?

Your question is reasonable since Svetlana’s response was a little vague. However, I believe she meant PhotoLab 5.2. We will know for certain very soon.



5.2 for sure :slight_smile: (I called it major because we have intermediate releases like 5.0.1 or 5.1.3 etc ). And PL6 is the next version not release :wink:

Svetlana G.