Artefact in a Sony Raw file

Hi there,
I saw a vertical artefact in a Sony a7c uncompressed Raw file, artefact not visible in others Raw editing software (I tried with Digikam and Sony Edge). Attached the 100% screen copy with pushed contrast to make it more visible and the RAW file itself. Artefact also visible in TIFF and JPG exports.
PL5.1.2, Windows 10 21H2 fully patched, 32.0GB Dual-Channel RAM, CPU Core i5 7400, ATI Radeon RX 580 latest driver.
Any idea?
DSC01402.ARW (46.9 MB)

Can you point out in this image exactly where the artifact is located? All I see iver various textures in the sky. I will download your raw file to get a better look.


Hi Mark
After processing it → PL5 → TIFF in Silver Efex → PL5 exported JPG. The screen copy of my initial message is from the unedited Raw

OK. I see it now. I will review. By the way, as a side note you really should consider cleaning your sensor. To show you how dirty it is the attached image has contrast, micro contrast and fine contrast at their highest values.

Yes I know about the sensor, I used the repair tools on the edited files, but I need a better way than the camera internal cleaning mode.
But apparently the artefact is not generated by my PL5 or system. Are you seeing it in other software?

It appears to be an artifact in your original raw file. I played with your raw file in FastStone Image Viewer which has some editing capability. I performed various extreme edits to the raw file and came up with this.

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Yes, definitely seeing it in other software.

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That’s a gorgeous picture, but there’s definitely something weird going on with the RAW file.

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I agree.


Ok, thanks everybody, I will try to address than through a Sony forum.

It is possible, I suppose, that it is a natural phenomenon in the sky that is just exacerbated by the addition of a lot of contrast.


Do you have a filter on the front of the lens? Even a simple UV filter could cause these aberrations.

I use a Hoya UV HMC Expert. Not sure how it can cause such vertical line. I will check that, thanks