Are we allowed to reply to comments

My first post in this forum: " AMD R7 7730U & integrated AMD Radeon™ Graphics? " have received one comment from a member of the community. I have since then tried to continue the conversation but it seems it doesn’t work or perhaps we’re not allowed to make further commentary.

Probably because you are a new member. I think it takes a couple of days for all you permissions to be set.



@Photographer hopefully you are now able to converse freely with me (as seems to be the case), it was probably the system just trying to protect you from my “informative” but sometimes overly long posts!!


I’m afraid it isn’t possible to have a conversation freely and with reasonable times…it may take up to one day before the comments are forwarded.

@Photographer That is weird try responding to me now - made on 22/03/2023 @ 09:05 (I’m in the UK)

Testing, testing :slightly_smiling_face:
Let’s see when this comment will be published.

@Photographer It showed up showing as 1 minute now 11:14:50 (hovering over the time shows the actual date and time - 11:13)

When you are newcomer to the forum, you have first a deal to be acknowledged to participate and then some delay till you have done some activities in it.