Are there promos on the DxO Premium Bundle

just curious as i intend to switch to dxo as i am bored with the crap C1 is doing with there clients

are there promos on the DxO Premium Bundle or is the 288 for pl5 + vp + fp the best you can get ?

not that its not a great price but wondering as i still have a C1 license

The big sales are around Black Friday…


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There are regularly declining -30% on DXO software.
Wait next time to see.

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Yes, for ordinary mortals a well working customer support is wishful thinking, I know. Was also hoping to find a new and better harbour for my RAWs, but I’m so used to the (slightly) better DAM part of C1 and found the projects of PL simply insufficient. I also keep my C1 license.

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Yes I’m also hooked to the dam of C1 hope pl6 will bring some improvements. Don’t need a db just more colours, side by side view and keyboard shortcuts omg i miss them a lot.

I keep my license and when it is not working on the newest Mac os i will switch to C1 express as it is free. Hoping in the end i can drop C1 complete.

As Mark has already said, the biggest discounts are on Black Friday. In fact in my experience, which dates from 2018 (when I bought PL2), you must NOT be tempted by the initial new version launch discount which runs from new version release in Sept/Oct until not long before Black Friday because Black Friday brings an even bigger discount.

HAVING SAID THAT - BUYER BEWARE! Just because DxO have followed this discount pattern for several years there is no guarantee that DxO will repeat this discount pattern this year. You have to make your own decision on when to buy.

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What I was more interested in is are there promos on the bundle because it seems that you get already a big cut on the bundle ( dxo pl5 + VP + FP ) or are the promos only on the products individually.

The Elite Bundle costs about the same as a one time CaptureOne license.

Both C1 and DPL are usually renewed on a yearly basis and if you want the current version, you’ll have to buy the upgrade. It’s what it is. So far, FP and VP have not been updated every year, which lowers the TCO (in respect to C1) for a while. Nevertheless, both C1 and DPL are quite restricted in supported OS versions.

Be sure to thoroughly test the Elite Bundle and compare the values of C1 vs. DPL before deciding based on price and a feeling that is possibly based on (bad?) experience vs. hope.

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well thats the reason i was asking as to me it looks like the premium bundle is always at a discount.
288€ is far better then the 349€ for C1 and when i pay in dollars even more less. Not to mention that since the last 2 years the updates for my sony license have been increased with ± 30% to hear this year that they abandon the sony only license and that next year they will only sell the full license. I mean get real C1, adobe lr + ps only costs 145€ per year, C1 will charge you 219€ for far less. Dxo charges you 288€ for the full package more then the 145€ but as you mentioned you don’t have to update vp and fp every year and can upgrade pl around black friday. Not to mention with C1 that you HAVE to update every year or they will charge you more or you have to pay the full price again .

What i loved about c1 is the raw converter and how the program works and of course I hate the adobe license that was my initial reason to move away. Working about a month now as test with dxo so far seems to be ok.

I miss the c1 dam but i like the no database approach reason i have worked with on1 before but the raw convertor sucks and its slow as hell and very bugy.

Yes there are some other things that i miss more like the colours but the product seems to do its thing i can edit my pictures in a quick way.

the only thing i noticed that i didn’t liked is that it seems to be able to corrupt tif files on my nas in some way if i rename and edit again too quick. don’t know if someone else has encountered this same behaviour. Since i know i just open my finder window to see if the file has been written completely and dop files have been renamed or i just wait long enough before i open it in an other application.

You mean the C1 colors for your Sony camera are better than PL colors? Could you explain this a little more in detail?

no i meant color toning
in C1 its far more easy to play around with the colours. In the colour balans tool i can easy add colours in shadom, mid and high tones. (or i havent found the correct way to do this in PL yet)

also i miss the luts

Yes the Color Balance tool is really nice in C1, as well as the Skin Tone Editor. Lut’s are not supported in C1 either, which is a pity.

there is a workaround to do it but i just use Affinity

i suppose you can do the same in PL
i use 3D lut creator amazing tool to have

Thanks for the link.
I have read this earlier and if I’m not mistaken it only works by choosing a icc profile. At least, you can build your LUT based on a camera profile (unlike, where a generic virutual camera is assumed for the C1 LUTs).
However, the idea of LUTs is to put them on top of a normalized image, i.e. you first edit an image so that it is kind of normalized, and apply a LUT afterwards. This ensures the LUT works as designed. I don’t think this is possbile with this workaround (hence it is called workaround?)

yes its far from perfect thats why i use affinity for the job