Are there advantages to own Viewpoint if we already have the Niks

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I know that it would be integrated to PL but are there any tool in VP that aren’t present or not as good in Perspective Efex ?

The integrated version of Viewpoint does not have any additional functionality except that it can be applied directly to raw files while Perspective Efex cannot. Additionally, this latest edition to the Nik Collection Is virtually identical to the standalone version of Viewpoint 3.

I do not know whether there is any technical advantage applying prospective changes directly to raw files in PL4 before export versus applying them to an image after export.using Perspective Efex. I personally find it much more convenient to apply these changes from within Photolab.



if you use viewpoints direct on raw file perspective corrections you can put this correction early in your edit workflow. which is better if you need extra corrections in patching clone/repair and local adjustments.
otherwise you need to crop/cut in the end the crooked corners you end up with after perspective correction or circle around with a 16bit tiff.
It more flexible i think.
And you can copy your corrections easy to the next shot.

but i am not a nik user as in often. i stay as long as i can in DxOPL. (mostly inexperienced in NIK so cost me too much time to find what i want.)


Surely, it is more convenient to confirm that we can have adequate framing first thing.

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I am an old hand at the Niks, still find them valuable when the question is to go out of norms. The addition of Perspective Efex is clearly not aimed at us, more toward those who will use it as a plugin in Ps & Others.
Your argument about the possibility to apply VP to a series of photos is quite strong, possibly the decider. I wasn’t thinking of that. My Lumix G9 shoots RAW at 60 fps and I take full advantage of that fact by stacking shots to enhance focus, get rid of diffraction, kill noise, get more detail and enhance DR.

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Yes. That would give the advantage to the use of Viewpoint 3 in PhotoLab.


i made a partial preset which activates a 85% auto perspective and auto horizon and unconstraind auto crop. which is often a nice starting point, has some "perspective skew left for extra frame and it looks natural enough to straight looks often weird.

video about this feature:
An other strong feature if you in raw is
focusing distance and focal lenght.


and volume deformation and miniature effect is also in the package.

hope i helped to choose. :slight_smile:


Actually, Peter, you helped already yesterday, and I went and bought VP3.
Then again, these latter pointers make me really happy that I did ; they open my eyes upon more possibilities than I first thought of.
Thank you so kindly man. :smiley: