Are DxO DNGs not compatible with latest version of CaptureOne?

Sorry if this has been covered, but I’m hoping there is something I should be doing differently to make this work. I use Photolab for its Deep Prime noise reduction. I don’t do this often and it seems to me it used to work OK. Now exported DNGs when viewed in CaptureOne look nothing like they do in Photolab. They are lacking in color with way too much lost detail. To add confusion, the preview gets worse in CaptureOne as I zoom in. It looks pretty good at “Fit” and terrible at 1:1. An exported .jpg looks as expected. I am hoping there is someone who uses CaptureOne successfully who can tell me what I am doing wrong or if DxO DNGs are not compatible. Thank you.

My elderly Capture One version 12 has no problems showing DPL’s output DNG file.

One DNG file with all corrections imported in Capture One 22.3 and one DNG file with denoise (Deep Prime) and optical corrections also imported in C1. The differences are that the files in C1 have (to) much sharpening and are less contrasted. I see some colorchanges in red (earth) and blue (sky).