Applying recent keyword entries by mouse alone

When adding Keywords, clicking on the entry field with the mouse lists recent entries. This is great, but if you click on the list is populates the field but does not apply the keyword. You have to hit the enter key to do so. I should be able to double-click on a recent entry to apply it so I don’t have to switch back and forth between the mouse and the keyboard. I should be able to do the full operation with either the mouse or the keyboard and at the moment this is not possible with the mouse alone.

Assign keywords from the keyword list. This will do what you propose and also prevents misspelled keywords (or at least consistent misspelling ;-))

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I agree that works as well, but if you left click on the keyword box it automatically lists recent entries and it would also be nice just to double click one to add it. This is especially true if you have a long list of keywords that require scrolling to get to the one you want.

These 2 ways to do, don’t have the same consequences to assign a keyword.
Via the text box, parent keywords are not added