Applying multiple filters with Efex Pro without exporting


I’m new with PL5 / Nik Collection 4. I would like to start tuning a Raw in PL5, export then in Efex(a shame by the way that the Nik isn’t integrated like VP) and apply several filters. Let’s say Sunlight / Borders and a bit of Tonal.

How an I do that without exporting several times in Tiff as Efex reset the filters each time I change the filter category ?



Look for this button:

You can add as many filters as you like.

Ohhhhh ! Thanks ! It’s great :slight_smile:


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Thanks Mark, appreciated

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I can’t find that Add Filter button in the new Nik 5 Color Efex. All I find is Save Preset. Also Nik 5 is crashing Photoshop. It doesn’t seem to function with the M1 chip.

That button has been removed, just click on the new filter to add it, no extra button is required. Sorry, but I can’t help you PS as I don’t use it.

Edit: You have to click on the “+” that becomes visible when you mouse over the new filter.

Thanks. I have found that. Unfortunately even with the new 5.1 it still tends to crash.

Alternatively, if you hold down the Shift-Key when you click on a Filter, it will be ADDed to the filter-stack.

John M

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