Applying filter to composite of layers

My Nik filters only work on a selected layer ignoring the other layers. I used to be able to apply them to a composite of all layers. Do not know what I am doing differently and cannot find the setting to change…

Welcome, Ilya. Hopefully someone here knows the answer to your question.

FYI, this is a double post. I’m guessing that as you are new to posting there was a delay in seeing your first post on the forum. Quite understandable.

Hi Ilya,
within each Nik Filter in the lower left corner you will find the properties, where you can choose your preferred settings from and control, if to either apply the effect to the selected layer OR to generate a new one, which then will combine this one with the effect. Working with smart objects, you will be prompted to ‘smart filter’. As with HDR and Perspective Efex you don’t have the choice and only the selected layer will be affected, you might generate a new layer first. – Hope that helps (I am still on a old version).
have fun, Wolfgang

Thanks for your help Wolfgang! I did find the setting where I could select to apply filter effects to a composite of layers… I could not find previously b/c I was selecting the plug-in from inside the PS (filters) bypassing the Select Tool. Only if one chooses the plug-in from the Select Tool the settings button in the left lower corner of the Tool gives that choice… It may be a good idea to have this option accessible from within the chosen filter. The settings options you are referring to WITHIN EACH FILTER do not allow for choosing the option of applying the effect to a COMPOSITE of the layers.

Hi Ilya, I’m glad that you found the solution.

The renewed Nik Selective Tool is not supported by my old PS
(but uses the former Nik Selective tool and those settings).
Screen Shot 12-16-20 at 08.43 PM

Instead, I select the Nik Filters via PS’ filter palette. Apart from HDR and PerspectivEfex,
each Nik Filter gives the choice to work on a separate layer.

lower left corner …

lower right corner …
Screen Shot 12-16-20 at 02.58 PM

when opened separately, mark checkbox to reedit later …

Dan Hughes’ tutorial …

have fun, Wolfgang

Yes, thanks again! If only I could find out why the CE consistently crashes upon saving the adjustments…
If I do not use control points most of the time pressing OK button saves the filter layer as expected. Try to use 4-5 filters + several control points within CE and more than half the time the PS is crashed by the CE upon pressing OK button… I am using all the latest updates from DXO and PS and have plenty of RAM and scratch disk space. I also sent the crash report to DXO… The issue is still there. If you know what to do to fix that I am all ears and eyes!

Within ColorEfex I applied a lot of different filters (collections), added several + / - control points, closed it with ok and it worked as expected (new PS layer, no mask). So, no problem.

While trying out, I also must have hit ‘Pinsel/Brush’ at one time, but not realizing to do so. After some wondering about what happened, I had to search for the Nik SelectiveTool window (which I almost never use) just to confirm ‘Anwenden/Apply’, to carry on with a new PS layer (plus mask) – so again no problem.

It might be a communication problem ColorEfex >> Nik Selective Tool. I would try to uninstall and then reinstall the Nik Collection (save your recipies and settings).

Well, I have been using NIK Filters ever since, followed by the Google version and DxO Nik Collection,
Perspective Efex via PS’ filter palette only. :nerd_face: