Apply a 3rd party DXO Filmpack Preset to an image in PL5


I have PL5 Elite, FP6 Elite & VP3 installed on a Win 10 PC.
All are activated and working as far as I can see.

In PL4 I’m pretty sure that I could apply any FP5 preset to an image and it just worked.

I can’t seem to do this in PL5.
I’m I misremembering? It’s possible, I’m a bit old!

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Sure you can. Most are available in the Color Rendering section, but the new Time Machine emulations are located under the number 8 in the presets(Apply Preset).


Using a 3rd party preset of Filmpack (or a custom made preset of FP) within Photolab is not possible.

See: Any way to reuse FP preset in PhotoLab? - #8 by sgospodarenko

The only way to do this is to make a simular preset yourself within Photolab, based on the same adjustments of the 3rd party or custom preset of FP.

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Perhaps you were using the 82 FlimPack 5 presets that I created for PL 3 Elite and PL4 Elite some time back. They will still work in PhotoLab 5 with FilmPack 6 Elite, but if those are the presets to which you are referring, you must reinstall them to use them with PL5. Additionally there are a number of new film types in FP 6. I have not had the opportunity to create presets for them yet,