Apple Silicon testing?

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Has anyone done any testing of Photolab with the new Apple silicon Macs? I’m hoping that they announce a larger iMac with their own non-Intel chip soon, and I’d be very interested in hearing how Photolab compares…

I found some threads from last year, but now that the computers have been shipping a while - any real world tests anyone wants to share? Of course, I realize that DxO may not have fully optimized for it yet - but I’m guessing/hoping that the speed increases benefit us users already?


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I tested OpticsPro and PhotoLab (several versions each) on a M1 MacBook Air.

PhotoLab works nicely. I have not noticed any lag during customising, even though PhotoLab runs with Rosetta2. Exporting files takes a little bit longer, but the GPU helps a lot, even though DPL not being optimised for Apple Silicon.

To get the most number crunching power out of an M1 Mac, you’d need a model with forced ventilation to prevent throttling while images are being exported. I’d get a max.-specced machine, there is no way to self-upgrade - unless you’re very bold.

As of today, all M1 Macs have approximately the same power, except for the MBA that will throttle on heavy continuous load. Check this: Mac Benchmarks - Geekbench Browser


Like Platypus, I’ve tested PL4 on an M1 MacAir (16GB with 1TB SSD). I have previously used PhotoLab only on my iMac (i9, 48GB, 1TB SSD). They both seem to work at about the same speed — which is pretty impressive given PL4 has not been recompiled for Mac silicon — but it’s difficult to be sure: perceptions of speed can be unreliable, I find, and really tied to the speed of local storage. I’m not impressed by the speed of the PL4 ‘correction preview’ screen updates on either machine compared to e.g. LR or C1. But it’s acceptable. Exporting is too slow in PL4 (attributed to the noise-reduction processing) but it does a good job with the size of compressed media (JPGs).

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