Apple Silicon Optimization, when?

I Just purchased PureRaw 2,
I’m a bit disappointed it’s not Apple Silicon Native, when will it be, I hope it won’t be in a 3, pay again, version


PureRAW processing has been optimised for Apple Silicon. Other things still need Rosetta, but in my experience, reaction times with Rosetta (on a MacBook Air 2020) are comparable to what I get on an eight core Intel iMac 2019.

It’s a safe bet it won’t be Apple silicon native until a subsequent 3/4/whatever version so you will have to pay again.

Update PureRAW to version 2.1. It is a “universal” app and features output file renaming.
Screenshot from the system info app:

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There is another thread on this problem, created in early June with still no response from DXO!

Obviously, it is not a professional product anymore since no one can use it!

PureRAW does run on Apple Silicon chips without Rosetta - if you use PureRAW version 2.1, which is the latest version as of the day of this post.

… about Nik Collection, which is a different product.