Apple Photos Workflow

I import my photos (RAW/JPG) to Apple Photos which I use as DAM/Storage. I open PL with right click “Edit with…” to get the image into PL.

But I do not know how to “save” the edits back to Apple Photos. I know I can 3export" to Photos, but that leaves the photo still “in use”, so meaning Apple Photo still know the photo is edited somewhere else (for example when I try to edit in apple Photos, the dialog says: “You opened this photo with another application. If you edit the item in Photos before you have finished in the other application, you will lose any unsaved adjustments made in the other application. Have you finished editing in the other application?”

So: How can I “close” the Photo in PL and get the edits back into Apple Photos? I search for something like “Save” or “Done” that take the photo back to Apple Photos.

Thanks !

Could it be that PL does not write out all changes until quit?
What happens if you not only chose another photo but actually quit PL.

Does Photos recognise the file changes and non locked files then?

Do you really get the RAW file in PL this way or a JPG that was already processed by Photos?

In my workflow Photos is the last step after I did geo-tagging and RAW development. Then I decide if I import the JPG only for less important pictures or RAW+JPG.

I only wish there was an option to export RAW+JPG to Photos directly instead of export to disk in PL and then import manually into Photos. Right now PL only supports exporting either RAW or JPG.

Anyways, that would also not help with your workflow.

There is also a nice extension from DxO in the App store offering lens correction, smart lighting and PRIME directly in Photos. In many cases that may be an alternative?

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I tried it now and I don’t think it is possible: DxO PL doesn’t allow to overwrite the original on Export. Apple Photos expects the file to be changed that it exported for the external program.

Also I didn’t get the RAW in PL but only TIFF if I started from “RAW as original” or JPG if other edits were made previously. I don’t think this is a good use of PL and I suggest to adapt the Workflow to use PL even before importing to Apple Photos.

Yes, I just tried. Started from a .RAF, import was in TIFF. Could then export ans JPG. Good thing was that the jpg kept the tags and location information from the RAF.

But when I try to open afterwards the original .RAF, Photos says its still open even though PL is closed already. So somehow “returning the file to Photos” does not work that way.

Photos remembers there was an external edit session. But since the exported picture (TIFF) is not touched by PL it can’t see that the edit is complete.

How do you get PL into Apple photo’s? When I look at my ‘edit with…’ in photo’s I do not see PL. Also, there is no option to add it in ‘extensions’