Apple Mac Mini1, Big Sur & Affinty Photo 1.9

Can we expect the Nik Collection 4 to work on a Mac Mini M1 and integrate it with Affinty Photo 1.9, knowing that this integration no longer exists with the Nik Collection 3?

I am currently using Nik Collection 4 on a Mac mini M1 with Big Sur 11.4. I am using the latest version of Nik which is 4.1. Before that I was using Nik Collection 3 on the Mac mini. When I installed Nik 4.0 I found control points slow. However, I reported my situation to Customer Support and followed up by sending in the information and logs they asked for and everything was fine for me when Nik 4.1 was released. One thing that I have found is that there are some people who didn’t follow the instructions in the user manual and had difficulty in getting in running. DxO offers a free trial so if you have concerns you may want to download the trial version, read the section in the user guide on installing for Affinity Photo (Nik Collection by DxO – Customer Support) and see how it works for you. Read over the guide first is what I did.

One thing you must do is run Affinity Photo in Rosetta. You do that by opening Finder, going to the Applications folder, selecting the Affinity, clicking Action–>Get Info in Finder, and selecting the check box that reads Open Using Rosetta. This is absolutely required.

Anyway, that is my experience as a Nik 3 and 4 user and I hope it helps you in some way.


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Thanks for the information, Marvin. My problem came from Rosetta. I had the solution yesterday from Affinity. I will therefore load DXO 4.1 in the coming days and, I am sure, get back to work without worry. Regards.

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