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Hi everyone
I have Iphone 11 pro with REEFLEX app
i create with DNG file ( and if i want HEIF JPG TIFF files)
when i open in DXO i have a message not compatible

When i use apple Application native i create HEIF i use application ( i TEST different s) or LR6 for transfert HEIF on Tiff or DNG
but i have the same message

Have you Idée for use DXO with this DNG ?
Thanks a lot

Welcome to the forum @DLAUVE

Sadly, what you try to do can’t work:

Files of unsupported gear can at best display built-in previews. Your gear and file format are not supported though…

Thanks For your Help
I imagine i am not alone in this situation !
only jpg ( no optique correction )
No possibility to transfert this DNG on compatible file with a converter ?
I read with TOPAZE a JPG files Convert in RAW files ?

Unfortunately this won’t work either. The DNG created by Topaz JPG to RAW is just another unsupported linear DNG it’s not really RAW. You can use an EXIF editor to change 11 to X and fool PL into thinking your iPhone 11 is really an iPhone X. This works great on my iPhone 12.

There have been many requests for iPhone support. You can add your vote to this one and to others:

And also add your comments / read more about what works and what doesn’t.

Thanks mark i try

Hi Mark with file you use DNG ? Or Heic ? JPG ? TIFF ? and with exif modifier

Done good idee

I use the DNG format as PL doesn’t support HEIC either. With TIFF or JPG you should not have a problem opening in PL.

Thanks a lot in France DNGformat not possible ! but i have solution on PC ! XN convert ok mac also good
my DNG go to TIFF and it’s ok
Many Thanks

Dommage que le DNG ne soit pas possible en France mais je suis content que le format TIFF fonctionne pour vous. Le seul inconvénient de l’utilisation de TIFF est que vous n’avez pas accès à DeepPRIME ou DeepPRIME XD, mais si vous n’en avez pas besoin, TIFF fonctionnera bien pour vous.

D’ailleurs, si vous n’êtes pas à l’aise de poster en anglais, vous pouvez vous sentir libre de poster vos messages en français. Ici, sur ce forum, nous sommes bien conscients qu’il s’agit d’un forum international et la plupart d’entre nous ont DeepL ou Google Translate à utiliser pour la traduction.

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pour info les fichier HEIC passe par utilitaire colorSync pour être en TIFF ( fn export ) et les DNG par XN convert moins simple qu’avec un DXO pour iphone 11 pro !!!
je cherche a optimiser les transformations si je trouve plus simple je reviens vous en parler !

Vous êtes les bienvenus et n’hésitez pas à me faire part de vos progrès. :smiley:

Photolab is using the Exif information to optimize the images, especially the “Make”, “Model” and “Lens” fields of the Exif. If the Make or Model are not in the list of supported systems, PL will not open the image, but it does not means the image format is incompatible, it is just not supported. I downloaded an iPhone 11 DNG and modify the Model from “iPhone 11” to “iPhone 8” and I am able to open the image in PL6, as the iPhone 8 is supported, and was able to apply DeepPrime. You can find a tuto about this, but carefully read about the limits of such trick. EXIF modification - TuTo DxO

Such modifications have been used and they work, kind of, at least. The most important caveat imo is, that none of DxO’s key features can be used: optical corrections an denoising.

If DxO wanted PhotoLab to be a general photo editor, they could easily do it, but so far, they remain glued to their positions, unregarding of how many requests we post and the number of votes they get.

As of today and the past years, PhotoLab is and has been a niche/speciality tool and I see no signs of PhotoLab opening for a wider audience.

As mentioned in this specific case (iPhone 8 replacing iPhone 11) denoising works perfectly. The Tutorial I linked clearly indicates the limitations of such a trick.
Personally, considering today’s mobile phone imaging technology, I don’t think using a raw editor makes much sens for these devices. First they are using very small sensor and lens and much of them embed AI driven camera and photo editor already optimized for the captured images (sometime with unexpected horrible results Samsung's Gallery app is adding creepy teeth to baby photos ). Not sure what strategy DXO should choose, but something like allowing third party plugins may make PL more versatile and less niche.

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Fairly much agreed on that point. Imagine trying to integrate distortion correction from both the phone and another editor.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t a single phone camera that records a truly RAW image, that hasn’t already been “fiddled with” by the internal software. In which case, how would DxO, or any other editor know where to start its processing from?

Not forgetting that phones nowadays seem to be regarded as “disposable” with a very short life, usually the length of a mobile phone contract.

Smartphones may becoming less disposable Fairphone | The phone that cares for people and planet, pushed also by regulation (the Right to Repair), and are major producers of photos. A market is a market, Adobe provide mobile versions of there flagship editor. Well, DxO is much smaller and have less resources than Adobe