Appalling uninstall with PL3

Luckily I used Revo Uninstaller but it found nearly 3Gb of stuff left behind by the PL uninstall. I know the old log folders are left and many others but this is an appallingly bad uninstall to leave so much, what is now unneeded data behind. Can not the uninstall be better done at least giving us an option to remove or keep all this old data. For these with a number of versions over the years, if they haven’t cleaned up, there HDD must be overflowing with junk!

Out of curiosity I did a search of my HD and did not find any DXO file accumulation of significant size. Mac OS

Yes, John, you’d do the community a service if you would give us a list of locations and file size in those locations. Uninstallers which delete log files and preferences make me nervous. What happens if I decide to reinstall.

There were logs, data base, image i files for previews. It clearly depends on if you have a bid data base and many image’s its keeping. Could be the Mac is belter at keeping the rubbish down but its been commented here before how much gets left behind on uninstalling. I didn’t make a note of the locations just checked they were all PL3 files.

Thanks for the notes you did post, John. It’s harder for the DxO developers to investigate without an exact list. The other @John-M and I both regularly delete our database so I don’t know how high it goes. John-M goes further and deletes his cache files on every session. My cache might have been giving me some performance problems lately. I emptied the cache and put the browser back on a Retina screen like my main monitor. Not sure what solved the performance issues. Wish there was no database at all.

Two ones are
C:\Users***AppData\Local\DxO\DxO PhotoLab 3
it was the data base and Thumbnails that made up the majority of the data needing removing.

Looking at this from DxO’s perspetive; it’s a case of “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” !

In your case, John, you were expecting all related files to be cleaned-up when you un-installed PL3 - which is a reasonable expectation. All the same, I can see someone else being highly indignant to find that their PL3 database, representing many, many hours of work, had been deleted when they did not expect that to occur. So, DxO seem to have taken the “safe” route.

John M


I don’t think for these sorts of left areas of data you should need to have to use another program. Removal should be an option, but even then why as what use are they if you don’t reinstall the old.version

I agree most do, but due to the posable size of the data crated by PL its a bigger problem than many. I had about 4Gb left behind, I had to remove the same sort of stuff with PL2 and 1 so that would be 12Gb cluttering up my system drive. Many users have a small system SSD drive and a lot may well create even bigger data bases (esp. if using the DAM in PL). My System drive has 80 GB used at present, PL un- cleaned up would add a significant amount to that and many only have, as I did with my original SSD drive a 100Gb one. Its just sloppy programming by whoever fails to create a proper clean up with an uninstall program and yes it’s a widspred problem but that doesn’t make it acceptable…

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I’m not overly concerned with 1GB of usage. I can delete easily. I understand everyone’s points for and against though. Most programs operate similarly as @gregor suggests.

I think saying its “appalling” might be a little extreme.