Anything in the new version worth the upgrade?

We are traveling or I would have downloaded a trial of the new version. I have no need for a DAM or any search functionality and that is advertised as one of the big things about PL2 so is the new version worth the upgrade price? Is there any new image processing functionality worth the upgrade?

So far there doesn’t seem to be, but it’s not clear what if any controls, other than Clearview, have been improved.

Well, if your installation is working fine, I‘d not change it while traveling…

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I can tell that Clearview Plus is nice! but not sure if its worth the 60€ (Elite Upgrade).
Only reason why I bought is Support and … hopefully they add the Mavic 2 Pro soon

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Confirmed. The previous versions had severe halo problems that have been fixed.

So in other words you need to upgrade for a fee to get a “error” fixed and the only other gift for just 60 euro’s is a dam function?
I have to dig in the forum to see which voted subjecs where put in backlog for implementation , but its seems a lot is still there.

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I didn’t say this. I just confirmed that ClearView 2 was working better. No conclusion in my post about the necessity to upgrade. I do not consider the PhotoLibrary feature as a DAM function. It’s just a nice interface enhancement.

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ok so it is an upgrade of clearview. stil a bit skinny to hang a full version on.
it is just an observation not a judgement.
ive bought DxO Pl just few months ago and if they stop with v1.2 and this is what i have to pay for getting up to date then i wait ,i think , a weile to see what more is in the pipeline. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you love to watch a beachball, go ahead!

Are you answering to me?
Maybe my English is poor but i can’t make any sense out your comment.

Yes. At the moment, Photolab2 hangs a lot and uses plenty of RAM, so I am (but I am not the only one) seeing a lot of the dreaded spinning beachball

ohw, now i get it, waiting icon!
(i am a win10 user, i only applied on the upgrade value.)

I am not a programmer but i read somewhere that they already did a kneefall to speed up by not realltime rendering of noise canceling ,CA correction, sharpening and such on hole image.
Only above 75% it start to render this in the preview.

I assume you have the Mac version. On the Windows 10 version performance is generally much better. I am extremely happy with the performance on my machine.


What is a knee fall?

In my other raw developer you got realtime rendering even on full screen…
DxO is doing this on 75% or higher…

Are you saying that PL can only keep up by shrinking the image it can work with? Is that what you meant by “kneefall”?

The Mac version is extremely CPU hungry as PL do not use or barely use the GPU at all.
Every calc appears to be done by cpu in the Mac version.
I really hope DXO is working on a Cuda and Metal enabled eGPU supported version which utilised the full potential of GPU power.

Not shrinking, zooming in, to speed up screen refreshing, showing what you changed, it took a “shortcut” in rendering the image for CA for instance. (look at chromatic aberration at full screen and zoom in. then it disappears and zoom out, there it is again.)
Prime Noise, does that heavy calculations that it only is done in development on the hole image and not even on 100% zoom. (which i would prefere, i don’t like that fixed previewwindow personally.)
This way the cpu is less occupied and other things can be done faster.
That’s what i meant by “kneefall” :wink:
(It’s not a bad decision but it has it’s disadvantages, I would like a “full rendered preview button” for some cases.) (now that is “export to disk” :slightly_smiling_face:)