Any way to show local adjustments in image preview?

With the picture carousel at the bottom, there is no icon to identify whether or not an image has an active local adjustment on it. If for whatever reason you revisit older work, you wouldn’t know there was an adjustment on it unless you click on the local adjustment button and hunt for circles. Am I overlooking something? If not, it seems a bizarre thing to miss out. Why couldn’t there be a little mark on the image previews by default, like PRIME denoise has?

(This is regarding Photolab 2.4).

Appreciate any help.

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If you had upgraded to PL3 you wouldn’t have had to ask this question. PL3 has a Local Adjustment panel with several very useful new tools and a list of the local adjustments masks that have been created and which can also be renamed.

Mark .

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Hi Lee,
Welcome to the forum!
If I’m correct, what you’d like to have in the Filmstrip (the “carousel” at the bottom) is some sort of icon telling you that an image has been corrected with local adjustments…Is this what you are saying?

Thank you.

Hello Steven. Yes, that’s what I meant. A poor choice of words on my part, my apologies.

And @mwsilvers, I don’t see why I should have to spend extra money for a tiny icon, an icon which is a flagrant oversight to even the earliest versions of DxO? You’re saying it accusingly as if this is somehow my fault. A tiny dot to indicate an otherwise invisible change should have been put there moons ago. I don’t need the extra tools and therefore didn’t upgrade and I think it’s unfair that I have to pay extra for such a small change, especially given that I only had DxO for a relatively short time before V3 dropped. Is that not reasonable?

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BTW, the feature you’re talking about isn’t available yet (this is also true for PL3). I guess Mark misunderstood your previous post…

Anyway, I do agree with you that somebody should only buy and use what he needs, upgrading for the sake of just having the lastest version is not always the best choice for every user. Having said that, a piece of software is an infinite journey toward a better future: new features, breakthrough technologies, overall improvements, performance gains…are added down the line. If, as a user of PL, you’re on the look for a better version, you should consider upgrading at some point.

When PL4 will be released, I sincerely hope that the value it will provide to you will be enough to justify an upgrade. See you in a few months for the final verdict!


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I’m sorry if I gave you the impression I was blaming you, that was not my intention… I was just trying to point out that PL3 would more than meet your requirements with regard to identifying images with Local Adjustments.


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Hi Steven,

Unfortunately my response to him came across differently than I intended and for that I’m sorry. It should have been written with greater sensitivity. No one should ever be made to feel obligated to update. That was not my goal. .I was responding to @InvertedDinosaur’s stated need to be able to identify which images had local adjustment applied.My purpose although poorly presented was to alert him to the powerful new local adjustment functionality in PL3 which would likely have met his requirement.


Thank for your post @mwsilvers.
Sometimes the asynchronous/digital communication isn’t always the best. This is the downside, unfortunately, of the digital age.
Anyway, I guess we are all clear now :wink:


I understand your reasoning and accept that software grows and adds features over time and that you guys have to make money. I’m still rather baffled as to why there was no identifier for local adjustments to begin with. Mistakes happen I guess and that can be forgiven. :slight_smile:

If I skip subsequent versions and upgrade later down the line, in search of my precious local adjustment dot (and a proper history bar tbh), would that be £43 then or would it increase with each version that releases beyond the version I own? I will likely upgrade to PL4 anyway as there’d be enough of a time and feature gap (don’t forget my dot please lol) to warrant it. I’m not a professional and my photography hobby is somewhat limited.

@mwsilvers no worries bud. I appreciate the information you provided.

Thanks for the replies thus far.

In the next version of PL you’ll have an icon indicating that an image has been edited (but it won’t make any difference between a global adjustment vs a local adjustment, at least at the beginning).
I don’t know if this addition is something that will partially solve the issue you described.

PS/ PL4 will also sport some new features, something that probably you were waiting for…

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Hi @InvertedDinosaur, you can also post your feature request here. This makes sure that it’s on the list. Don’t forget to vote for your request.


That’s excellent, Steven … I recall someone making that suggestion long ago when Local Adjustments first arrived in PL (I just can’t seem to recall whose bright idea that was, tho :thinking: … Mmm )

John M

Yes, brace yourself…this is coming :wink:
As I said this icon (in the Filmstrip) will not make any difference between global and local adjustments. It will show up as soon as a correction (global or local) has been applied to the image.



Not really as I can just look at the sidecar for adjusted values or at the top right to see if “reset” is highlighted. The whole point of a marker/icon on the image in the filmstrip is to distinguish between regular changes and the otherwise invisible, unindicated stealth changes of local adjustments. Again, the only way to know if a local adjustment has been applied is to click on the LA button and scout circles. It’s far from ideal and just slows the workflow down.

I agree, an indication if a Local adjustment has been made is very helpful. I use a dual monitor with the library on one screen, and use CTRL-SHIFT-C/V a lot to transfer adjustments from one to several other images.

If I do this with an image that has local adjustments, they get copied over too, and not always in a visible way in the next image, but still there and thus ‘correcting’ wrong parts of the second/third/ etc images.

An indication if local adjustments were applied would be super helpful for me.

Perhaps the icon in the next version indicating an edit has been made can be in two colors? One white to indicate edits or, say, yellow to indicate edit with local adjustments?

kind regards, Frank

Hi Frank, thanks for your feedback!
Besides the fact that a dedicated icon in the filmstrip could be useful for some users, for your specific example, why when you paste your settings you don’t simply choose “Paste Global Adjustments” (CTRL+Shit+G)? In this case local adjustments would not be copied to the destination image…

Oh! I did not know that shortcut. CTRL-SHIFT-G? If that is so, that would indeed be better to use for me. Thank you for pointing that out!

kind regards, Frank

Hello @Frankster69,

You have everything in the context menu if you need it (right click on the preview or filmstrip):

Svetlana G.

You’re welcome :wink: