Any Way to Save File Options in Lightroom?

Every time I send an image from Lightroom to Color Efex Pro for editing, I need to enter the Copy File Options to select the Color space and resolution for saving. This is SUPER annoying, Is there no way to save therm as defaults??

Hi @kdeemer, you might want to check this in Lightroom’s manual.

Hint: External editor parameters can be set in Lightroom’s preferences (defaults shown)

When you edit the settings, the popup delivers the following:

You can now see two entries for Color Efex Pro. The upper entry uses the settings you have saved in Lightroom’s settings, the lower entry uses the defaults as set forth in this file located in your user Library:

You can edit these files with a text editor. Make a backup copy before you edit. Edits might be lost when NIK is updated.

Excellent. Thank you!