Any news on when the lens/camera requests page will be back up?

I have been asking for while now (months - my last attempt was on 22nd Nov last year at which point I gave up hoping for some movement after Christmas) as to when the request page on the website will be back up.

In a particular I want to know when the Panasonic 50-200 Vario-Elmarit 50-200mm f/2.8-4 will be supported against the Panasonic G9 (they have both been available for approaching a year?). The request page was at least a way of checking any proposed dates - and of course a way to request lens support to help push for them.

There seems to be no movement on lens support for a while now - despite it being one of the biggest advertised selling points of PhotoLab. Is the push from DXO now only for capturing new business and developing a DAM?

Does anyone have any news on this or any other movement on support of lens/camera combinations?


Hello @JaimeAngel,

web team is working on getting back page for modules supported and user requests.
Unfortunately I can’t give you a date for it but Panasonic 50-200mm F2.8-4 will be calibrated soon.


Hi, any update whether your webteam was successful getting back that page?
Miss those options - possible camera-lens combinations and lens module request.
I’m looking for a module for the new Tamron 70-210 f4 VC USD with Nikon D700.

YES me too I’m desperate to see again this important page :frowning:


page with available and planned modules will be back next week, on Wednesday :slight_smile:

Suggestion form will be back a bit later, I hope late March but I can’t make you that promise.

About specific requests
@JaimeAngel : Panasonic 50-200mm F2.8-4 modules will be available on March 6th
@lipo2lipo : Tamron 70-210mm modules are planned, I hope for April but again I can’t be certain as we are dependant of Tamron on that (we asked them a loan of the lenses).

Best regards,


Will Sigma 500mm f4 Sport ever be on the list?
I sent a request form January 2018 and never seen it.

any news with the Tamron 70-210mm modules?

Hello @lipo2lipo,

I’m waiting to get our hands on samples from Olympus. Sorry for the delay.


From Olympus or Tamron?

a half year almost past, so any news? The lens is quite long time on market.

Hello @lipo2lipo ,

if you go on (page you can reach by going to PRODUCTS/DxO PhotoLab and then click on "Supported Cameras)

You scroll down and you have a button “MAKE US A SUGGESTION” which will open the lesn/camera requests page.
We are working to improve the requests page but you can use it.


Hi Marie

I find the new page a bit difficult for searching because I have no clue on how I can search for modules for Zeiss lenses on EOS 5 bodies, to give you an example, or fixed focus lenses without zooms etc. I usually get a lot more info than I want to see or want to navigate.

Is there some kind of logic or syntax on how to search? Alternatively, I‘d be fine with a downloadable csv file that I can filter in excel…

This is how I perform the search:
In the search box for Supported Lenses (Modules) enter the search string “EOS 5D, Zeiss” to reveal the available modules.

Regards, Joseph


Thanks, this works…unless I only want to see Canon lenses for Canon bodies or Fuji lenses on Fuji bodies…
The search does not seem to distinguish where “Canon” or “Fujifilm” stands and whether it is meant to be the camera manufacturer or the lens manufacturer. Nikon/Nikkor works as the one exception to the rule.

“EOS 5D + Canon” seems to do the trick. “Canon + Canon” works too. “Nikon + Nikkor” does not seem to work, here you need “Nikon, Nikkor” instead. “Canon, Canon” on the other hand also delivers other lens manufacturers.

Odd, maybe DxO could step in and help us, please?

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I did the suggestion, but you mentioned already in February that this lens is in plan. I did check also newer FX bodies from Nikon for possible combinations as D700 is quite old; but for none of them (D5, D850) is available with the above Tamron.

Hello @lipo2lipo,

I thought I could get the lens at that time but I will finally have it around next week (for sure this time :grin:) so we should release it in november or december at the latest, depending on release planning.