Any Fuji non Xtrans users here?

Using Fuji since a week now (coming from Sony FF). Not X-Trans.
In my camera I can set any fuji film simulation. I in fact HAVE to set…there’ s no way to choose “no film simulations at all”.
Now in PL7 I made my own Preset:
( beside other things)

  • Color rendering :
    Type: Generic rendering (“Camera Body” would also be ok)
    Rendering: DXO Camera profile (+name of camera)

Set in General Settings / Auto-apply Presets for RAW images and for RGB settings.

Now when I import new images, I want to see them in these settings ofcourse. But…this doesn’t work, as they all get that “From camera”. setting…which seems to be that film simulation that I don’ t want (!).

Does anyone have experience with this and know how to change this? Or is this just catch 22 and do I have to accept to first select all images and go to Generic rendering (or Camera Body), to reset all images after import?

Thank you!

Are you shooting RAW or jpeg? RAW should be totally neutral with no effects.

That’s what I think as well…always neutral. Always RAW…now RAW in first slot…Jpeg in the other slot. So RAW + Jpeg .
It looks as I get to see the jpeg included raw…with that film simulation.
Even see this film simulation if I import RAW files only.
I do not want that.

There is no need to shoot RAW + jpeg. The RAW already contains a jpeg, which is what you see before it fully loads.

I know Joanna, but even when I import RAWs and RAWs only in DXO PL7 (one card in card reader), my Color setting is not Generic rendering/ DXO Camera Profile (what I have set as my Auto apply personal setting for all RAWS at import) . It still opens in that film simulation. No way to set this to off in camera (but then I should not have to, because I made my own preset in PL WITHOUT this.
So…it fully loads according to that (small) jpeg in RAW file. I see it before…and after it fully loads. Never going to change to my preferred (and personal preset) settings. I have to change this for all RAWS manually by selecting all RAWS and change color setting from (chosen/obligatory) film simulation to my preferred personal setting.

so…even on import…the color setting is as film preset (standard Provia)…not as Generic/DXO Camera Profile to which I’ve set it as a standard preset for all my imported RAW files.

I guess that the “Provia” film simulation is possibly the standard “neutral” profile for all Fuji RAW images in order to be seen at all (just as any RAW file from any camera has to have a rendering by software in order to be seen at all).
But then, I don’ t understand, why this doesn’t automatically switch to my personal preset in PL after importing RAWS. I can change this ofcourse…but only by doing so manually (selecting all files/change to Generic (or Camera Body) /DXO Camera Profile


Any chance you can attach the preset as well as a raw file which dont get the preset applied as you wish?

Not that I know.

In the preferences, there should be the option:

  • Automatically use Fuji camera color rendering for Fujifilm images: enables the application of Fujifilm camera color renderings when opening images in DxO PhotoLab.

Have you tried deactivating it?

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@mujabad … something that looks similar to this one

Thnxs maderafunk & Wolfgang.
I’ m on Mac…and do not see anything with " Preferences" .
Wolfgang: I’ve checked " Automatically use camera rendering support". Should I uncheck it??
I’ ll give it a try

Wolfgang…I just tried unchecking this…and now images render as " Generic rendering". and " Neutral color" …instead of my auto apply preset. That’ s what I suspected…

Yesss! I just made a new Auto apply preset again. Closed PL. Shot a few images…opened PL again…and yes! Opens in that newly made preset of Generic and DXO Camera Profile!
Exactly what I was hoping for!
Thank you very much!!