Any chance of adding some Fuji DXO modules to PhotoLab 4?

Any chance of adding some Fuji DXO modules to Photolab 4 - I don’t need PL 5 and don’t particularly like LRC workflow. Upgrade from 4-5 is too costly for me - retired.
Appreciate any assistance thanks

Welcome Rob

I see your point.
PhotoLab 7 coming soon. A biennial update is a good compromise.
Usually DxO offers a discount.
[Edit] But on the price of a full license in your case.


Unfortunately moving from PL4 to PL7 would not be at an upgrade price since it is a three version jump.

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Unfortunately, that is highly unlikely. In a few weeks PhotoLab 7 will be released. At that point any major updates will be to that release with the possibility of minor updates such as lens modules to Photolab 6. Once PhotoLab 7 is released I doubt there will be any new modules available for PhotoLab 5 much less Photolab 4.


If you still are on version 4 there is quite a few reasons to upgrade even to version 6 and version 7 will be even more value and if you are a Fuji user post version 6 or better is a must. It´s a one time cost. The licence is for ever or as long the software still is compatible with the OS-version you use.

You have at least two generations of better Prime - Deep Prime and Deep Prime XD.

Isn´t that worth to prioritize an upgrade to version 7?

Unfortunately, @RobB indicated that he is retired and that even the upgrade for PL4 to PL5 would be too costly. Since he hasn’t upgraded in quite a while he would not be entitled to the upgrade price for PhotoLab 7 and would have to purchase a new full priced version unless he decides he can afford get it with Black Friday pricing.


I just tried to pinpoint a few things one might miss out on by not upgrading. Of cource economy matters, I know, I’m also retired - since 2016 but comparing what many of us have spent on photography over the years many still seems particularly reluctant spending money on software despite it many times gives a lot more bang than new often 10 times or more expensive hardware.

Photography is a “material sport” and sometimes you will be forced to upgrade of compatibility reasons you have absolutely no control over like when Intel/Microsoft imposed a dead end to me and others when forcing us to buy new computers in order to be able to upgrade to Windows 11. For some that can’t afford a new computer that too could put an end to photography. In my case I couldn’t even continue using the old one since it was totally destroyed by my hired movers when moving last summer.

There is absolutely a powerty line where new computers and software upgrades are absolute and out of the question and in other cases some at least have some possibility to prioritize that upgrade and foresake something else.

In practise the Photolab suite includes Photolab, Filmpack and ViewPoint and it is no problem I know of just upgrading Photolab if you can’t afford upgrading all three programs for example. Still some in an other place in life might choose to quit photography all together and download a free image viewer to be able to view the images that already is processed and exported. A photography life doesn’t necessarily end because you don’t find it worthwile to upgrade your present of photolab.

I can really see that scenario for myself. I use two converters, Capture One 23 and Photolab 6 and I have hard to see that I will ever upgrade CO anymore as I use it. I just don’t see any rational reason to spend any of my money on that so in that respect I can fully agree that it might be prrfectly rational not to upgrade.

I spend more time theese days repro photographing my old analog images than taking new ones. Writing image illustrated stories and travel reports etc. and cataloging and applying metadata in order to improve searchabikity both on the net and locally in my own Photo Mechanic archive.

I can’t speak officially for DxO, but as others have indicated and reflecting DxO’s past policy generally, the answer to your question is almost certainly: no. They’re likely done offering anything new for PL4 or PL5. Sorry.

Have you checked out Fuji’s own photo processing software to see what it can do for you and your gear? Software & App | FUJIFILM Digital Camera X Series & GFX – USA
If cost is the most important issue, this is worth trying.

I know money’s tight, but if you don’t like Fuji software or LR, and if there is no better way for you to get support for Raw images shot with your Fuji gear, paying for a PL version that supports your gear may still be the best way to go.

It’s also worth pointing out that just waiting for PL7 and starting over as a new buyer, without paying for the PL6 upgrade, can make financial sense too. In past years there has been a discount when the new version is first announced and again for Black Friday in November. We don’t know what if any new features PL7 will offer and whether those would be worth waiting for, to you. That could go either way.

You also need a reasonably new computer and especially video card for PhotoLab to process Raw images using Deep PRIME or especially Deep PRIME XD in a reasonably quick time, so do a free trial first.