Any benefits in processing with Nvidia RTX 4000 over 3000 series?

Hey people, I own an RTX 3090 24GB GPU and was considering upgrading it to a mid range RTX 4000 series, mainly because of DLSS 3 frame gen in gaming but I was wondering whether it might have an edge in processing over RTX 3000 series or not. Since it has upgraded tensor cores and architecture.

Also RTX 3090 consumes too much power under load (>400Watts under full load). Whereas a midrange 4000 series consume around 275 - 300 Watts.

I’ll probably settle with RTX 4070 Ti or 4080.

Thanks in advance.

Upgrade from GTX1650 to RTX3070 led to 35-40% performance improvement in terms of shorter processing times. Then my upgrade to RTX4060 gave me another 20-25% improvement. This means a lot especially if you’re processing hundreds of RAW files, which is my case. It is also a useful gain for me since I am often processing the 61mp file from my Sony A7CR and the 32mp files from my Canon R7.