Any added value or must have getting Nik5?

If having PL5 Elite with FP6 and VP3, does it get one any major features that could create a “I missed this one” feeling?
I was watching a marketing vid and read about the pros of Nik5 and I know that I can try it before pay… but would rather not install beforehand to avoid risk of braking the current DXO installation.
If I got this right then then PL5 can do anything that Nik Collection can, with more clicks of course. Is it this simple or is there more ?

thx in advance

There is more and we’re talking about different worlds. If you’re happy with your DxO bundle, you should not try Nik. Having more possibilities does not necessarily increase joy, but pain of having to choose… Will your pictures be “better” if you had another 200 PhotoLab presets?

Using Nik apps, I mostly find that I want to tweak what the presets give me. If I have to tweak anyway, why not do it in PhotoLab? Again, results will be different, but I’d rather learn to use one tool instead of not quite liking more tools. Your mileage might vary though - and only your own experiments/experience can answer your question.


Thanks for the eyeopener, I really was thinking in a technical way and not practical! You are absolutely right in avoiding a headache! :smiling_face:


I don’t think you’re likely to break your existing DxO installation by trying the Nik Collection. IMO, it’s worth a try. Despite a lot of duplication between the two suites, there are a few things the Nik Collection does a bit better than PL + FP + VP, such as b&w conversions (Silver Efex) and filters (especially Color Efex). There are also some unique features in Nik besides the filters, such as HDR processing/stacking and Dfine’s interesting approach to denoising that can complement PRIME in very difficult cases.

All that said, I find that with PL + FP + VP I don’t make much use of the Nik Collection. My favorite Nik features to use with PL are Silver Efex and a few of the filters in Color Efex.


Thank you @Egregius for your opinion.
I guess I’ll stick to the current bundle. It seems that there is not enough value for me in a couple of filters and my work flow…


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In the second paragraph of ny comment, I wrote (in a way) thar your opinion could only be formed by trying the product…

The decision is really yours and if you have a lot of tiff and jpeg files, the Nik apps have a few tricks up their sleeves. Nevertheless, the collection is still being worked on by DxO and only time will tell, when all apps have had their overhaul, we’re about halfway there now. Maybe.

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Since you already have the whole PhotoLab suite, and presumably PhotoLab is your primary editing tool, depending on your expectations, you may decide to bypass the NIK Collection.

One of the Nik programs is Perspective Efex which is identical to the standalone version of Viewpoint 3. I personally never use the sharpening and HDR modules, preferring to do all that work in PhotoLab.

Color Efex Pro, Vivienza, and Silver Efex Pro are the only three modules I really ever use and I don’t even use those three regularly.

Much of what is available in the Nik modules can be done in the PhotoLab suite although some of it may take a more effort.

The Nik collection has hundreds of preset filters. Each of those filters can be modified with various sets of tools. Some of the Nik Collection tools differ from those in PhotoLab. If you are significantly into black and white photography, Silver Efex Pro maybe a godsend for you, or maybe not. If you are not wanting for anything when you edit in PhotoLab, then purchasing the Nik collection maybe overkill for you.

The modules have a different interface than PhotoLab so there is a learning curve. The large number of filters and presets does speed up the initial processing of an image. The trial download is free. It will have zero impact on PhotoLab or the other programs you already own. The Nik Collection only accepts Tiff and Jpeg files for import. Give it a try. It will cost you nothing. If you find it doesn’t meet your requirements, just uninstall it.



I do a lot of B&W work and have never found the need for anything other than PL, FP and VP.

Yes, i do have Silver Efex Pro but after a couple of tests, couldn’t find anything of interest to me - it just seems to be a bunch of presets, none of which I needed.


I own the latest version of the Nik Collection for two reasons. First, I do occasionally find that it comes in handy, although I probably don’t use it more than a dozen times a year. Secondly I buy it to show my support for DxO which as a small software development firm is always at financial risk. Since I would miss PhotoLab if it disappeared tomorrow, I don’t mind supporting DxO with my dollars.



I upgraded from 4 to 5 because I like the user interface. However, cost should have been $49 and although I don’t use HDR and Sharpen, if they are upgraded, should be free to V5 users. I use both CO22 and PL5 and what I am finding is NIK works same or better with CO22 and I get to use the better color manipulations (e.g., mask from color range) and catalog function (I know, catalogs not for everyone) in CO. CO’s magic brush, mask from color selection, and luma mask more than matches the control point gradient filter so I go to PL5 less now. Also, the PL “bar graph” control point options clutter the image (and I know about Shift E, but not a good solution IMO) and unless this is fixed next go round, will likely move exclusively to CO because I find it quite annoying. Don’t get me wrong, PL5 is great raw converter, but usability for me needs to be improved. BTW, I agree with the comments that recreating Nikon NX with NIK in PL would be welcomed.

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If you only or mostly do your work in PL, then I would say no. If you also work in other editors, then it may be interesting to try it. I do practically all my raw conversions in PL5 with DeepPRIME, but I often export 16-bit TIFFS after making some adjustments in PL, and I work on the TIFFs in Photoshop. It’s very convenient to have the NIK collection usable from within PotoShop. All my raw files are stored in a LightRoom Classic library, but I hardly do any editing in Lightroom.