Annoying background message

This message pops up on my mac and won’t go away, I have uninstalled the application

“Software from DxO labs added items that can run in the background. You can manage this in login items settings”

DxO has been removed from my mac and is not in the login settings

Ian McLaren

Have you restarted the Mac since deleting them?
Otherwise they might still have processes running in memory.

You can take a look at this path:
/Users/<your_account>/Library/Application\ Support/DxO\ Labs/LaunchAgents/

Here is some guidance.

Here’s how to dig deeper if you really want to get into it.

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I have the same problem. I’ve uninstalled the program, restarted the Mac. Removed the remaining files and folders in Application/Support… Still getting the notification, multiple times a day. So irritating.

Did you find a fix @IanMc?