Annoyance: NIK Collection and Photoshop Actions


NIK collection changes the file names every new version.
That’s why photoshop actions no longer work after updating NIK collection.

the PS action wants to open NIK color efex 5… but after the update it is called NIK color efex 6.

this is an obstacle for many photoshop users i know to update NIK collection.
because you have to recreate every photoshop action if you use NIK collection in the photoshop action.

other photoshop plugin manufacturers use the same file/plugin name.
so that photoshop actions do not depend on the plugin version.
I don’t know why NIK does it like that… but maybe you should think about it.

now to my real question.
if I update from nik 5 to nik 6, can I continue to use nik 5 in parallel?
after the last update from version 4 to 5 it took me a weekend plus monday to adjust all my actions.
i won’t do that again for what version 6 offers. i will stick as long as i can to v5 then.

Nik 6 can be installed in parallel to other Nik Collection versions with some caveats. Read more about it in the thread already dealing with this specific topic - and try to focus your feature request. This helps to prevent it from running wild and losing votes.

i looked in the forum before writing my post and i saw a few threads about new installations overwriting old ones.
but found no solution for my problem.

if you know that thread can you point me in the right direction? thx.

what do you mean with “focus your feature request”?

i think it is is important to make my problem clear otherwise some will only ask" why would you want old versions? the new ones are so much better".

The title is about photoshop actions, the “real question” in the last paragraph is about parallel installations.

I think that both topics deserve some attention…but what do you expect? Feedback to PS actions or installation or both? What will be the votes for?

The release notes say that parallel installation is possible. The current Nik Installer does not overwrite older versions and the changed app names help to distinguish the versions during use. And while the new names help in this respect, they create the PS action annoyance you address in your feature request.