Android RAW (DNG)

Hello there,

I am an avid fan of your software and edited a lot of (RAW, Sony) pictures already, but one thing I am really missing is the support of Android DNG (RAW, in my case HTC U11) files in Photolab. Since other software has no problems in doing so, namely (e.g.) the open source RawTherapee, I can only conclude that this might be a business decision.

My guess is: to push the sales of the DxO One camera (software wise), so maybe no technical issue. Also: you’re testing a lot of mobile phones already for their camera quality, it should be easy to include Android … RAW, too.

My question is: will that change in the near future? Pictures taken with mobile phones will only increase a lot more over time - and it would really be a major drawback, if you close your software that much. I like being able to apply PRIME and other RAW-only features to these pictures, too.

Thank you.

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Hello @moonwhaler

The change will be :wink: You should just wait for some time.

Svetlana G.

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Sounds great! Thank you.
Let’s hope this will come rather sooner than later. :wink:

You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

are there any news available for this requirement in the meantime?

Still in progress…

Just got a Mate 20 pro so would love to use DXO with it. +1 and just want to follow further updates.

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I would extend this suggestion to all the existing devices that lighroom supports like an old camera like olympus c5050 or exotic one like panasonic lumix DMC-CM1. To definitely swap from lightroom to Photolab, DXO can’t offer less than it main competitor and ask photographers to forget their raw archives. Even some free software and open source ones are able to open and edit old raw formats from old cameras or smartphone so why not Photolab ?

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Hi, I also would like to see this very soon. I am using a Samsung Note 8. Thanks.

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I just tried to open dng-files from my new HTC U12+ by Photolab 2 2.2.3 without any success. DxO did not recognized them as an images, even after preprocessing by Adobe DNG Converter. I understand, that you may not have module for specific camera, but the same situation occurs with jpg-files, which are visible to Photolab?

May be you can suggest any temporary variant (conversion of dng to any other supported lossless format by some freeware program)?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Andrew,

What do you mean? JPG images from HTC U12+ are not supported by PhotoLab? If this is the case, please provide me with some samples (upload them on our server under your name instead of the support ticket numer and notify me when ready).

As for the workaround for DNGs, currently you can convert them in Tiff and then work with Tiffs in PhotoLab.

Svetlana G.


In my original message I talked about only DNG-files. Thank you for suggestion to convert DNG to Tiff as a workaround, it looks to be the best variant, except two issues:

  1. Color depth in my dng-files is equal to 10 bits/color (and not all converters understand it), so properly generated 16-bit tiff-files are huge ~60-70 Mb;

  2. Among the programs which properly generate 16-bit tiff-files I still not found variant, which copy all important EXIF fields into the tiff file.

You can’t help to resolve the first issue until you start recognize dng-files in PhotoLab, but may be you can suggest proper DNG-Tiff converter which generates 16-bit tiff files with copied EXIF?

Well, we have a lot of professionals here on the Forum, I’m sure they can help. You should just create a post asking about a better TIFF converter and you’ll be given variants.

Svetlana G.

This is why XMP sidecars are so awesome. EXIF travels and survives file manipulation. There’s lots of great workarounds with EXIF discussed here. I suggest a search on EXIF to find them. PhotoLab is not a file manager or an EXIF tool, it’s a RAW developer. If you care about EXIF much, you owe it to yourself to acquire a tool like PhotoMechanic.

In terms of the quality of conversion, does not the free ACR turn DNG into TIFF on request?

I just visited its site and did not find if this software supports 10-bit DNG…

[quote=“uncoy, post:14, topic:2939”]In terms of the quality of conversion, does not the free ACR turn DNG into TIFF on request?

Do you mean Adobe Camera Raw? It is not free, and can’t be used as a standalone application.

The DNG converter part is as far as I know free. On reflection, you’re right – it’s a one way street into DNG and not out. I try to stay clear of Adobe products and hence DNG’s get no attention from me. I had an early issue with a RAW program not accepting my Pentax *istDS DNG’s only the original RAWs – after I’d deleted the original RAW, believing Adobe’s promise that DNG was a full equivalent to the original RAW and widely accepted as a common RAW format. After that never another DNG. You might want to test Iridient Developer for this task. I find it very useful for technical conversions and RAW comparisons when I want to see what’s really in the file.

This is not accurate. Adobe never promised anything other than an attempt at a universal solution for a vexing issue - a lack of a standard (i.e. proprietary formats) for raw files which is why DNG was first proposed.

Here is what Adobe has to say about DNG. You will note in the third paragraph it is explicitly stated (as it was when DNG was originally created) that other companies~developers need to join in to support this endeavor.

There is a free converter for Mac & Windows with support for over 700 cameras.

Jim, thanks for the additional information. Do you have any suggestions for a clean and simple Android DNG to 16-bit TIFF converter?

My recommendation Iridient Developer supports the following phones at a minimum so it can probably do the job.

  • Support added for RAW images from the Honor View 20.
  • Support added for RAW images from the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.
  • Support added for RAW images from the OnePlus 6.
  • Support added for RAW images from the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro.
  • Support added for RAW images from the Honor 10 and View 10.

I know Iridient Developer works well as it’s the software I used all the time before I found DxO PhotoLab which I prefer for its better sharpening tools (ID are very good too but not as good) and much better noise reduction (again ID is good, but PhotoLab is exceptional). Iridient Developer is also not a headache to use, no databases, conversion info is stored as a sidecar, portable.

No I don’t - sorry.

Tou can use Picture Window 7 Pro for processing RAW files. “Picture Window is now available free of charge and no longer requires a serial number for operation.”