Anamorphic lens

From Adobe:

Capture cinematic-style shots with anamorphic photography.

Does PL6E complete have the same capabilities as Adobe advertises in the above URL? If so, can one save the “de-squeeze” for either vertical or horizontal “squeeze” as a set of “de-squeeze” presets?

Are any anamorphic lenses supported by the DxO lens modules?

You can check supported cameras and lenses on DxO’s web site:

DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses

Yes, PhotoLab can “desqueeze” an image - sort of. In PhotoLab 6 (or earlier releases of PL with a ViewPoint license), you can find a setting called “H / V Ratio” in the Perspective adjustment tool. Moving the slider to the right will squish the image vertically, according to the user guide for PL6. Unfortunately, it won’t expand the image horizontally while preserving the height. Unlike Photoshop, PhotoLab isn’t a pixel editor that can increase the size of the working canvas for operations like this.

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