Analog Efex vs DxO Filmpack AND Perspective Efex vs DxO ViewPoint?

Hey, guys. New to DxO products. Gave up on Adobe over subscription model, and horrible customer service. I’m also just against the big guys, and prefer to support a smaller shop, like DxO.

Can anyone explain the differences between Analog Efex Pro and DxO Filmpack? They seem to do lots of the same things.

Likewise, Perspective Efex vs DxO Viewpoint seem very, very similar. Why get NIK? Or, why skip NIK and get Filmpack and Viewpoint instead?



Welcome, Nick !

Yes, there are similarities, but differences too. Essentially, they’re both providing film type, and effect, simulations - with differences such as;

  • FP can be used in stand-alone mode - - but, significantly, if you also own PhotoLab then FP is fully integrated within the PL workspace, with all the benefits of a non-destructive process.
  • AEP requires your RAW file to be first processed & exported as an image file, such as JPG, TIF, etc - There are features within AEP that facilitate ability to revisit your work therein - but it’s a bit “fiddly”.
  • On the other hand, AEP includes ability to apply image adjustments and detailed refinements to the film treatments - plus, it includes Control Point technology.
  • All the same, if you’re using FP with PhotoLab then the latter includes Control Point technology within its Local Adjustments interface. And, if you use FP & PL together then additional Contrast refinements are added to PL’s tool-set.

Yes, this decision is a “no brainer” - The only valid reason you’d buy the Nik tools explicitly for Perspective Efex is if you were not a PhotoLab owner/user.

  • If you own ViewPoint and PhotoLab then VP is fully integrated within the PL workspace … and like with AEP, this then provides all the benefits of a non-destructive process.
  • Again as with AEP, PE requires your RAW file to be first processed & exported to it as an image file, such as JPG, TIF, etc.

If you can afford to buy all of PL, VP, FP and the Nik Tools then you’d have a very powerful tool-set that does just about anything & everything - - but, if not then it comes down to how much you value full integration (PL + VP + FP) versus the undeniably excellent extras in Colour Efex Pro & Analog Efex.

HTH - John M

I already had ViewPoint, so bought Nik V3 for the non-destructive aspect rather than Perspective Efex per se. Having said that I do find myself using Perspective Efex more than ViewPoint these days. The benefit to ViewPoint is that if you have PhotoLab then the functionality then gets incorporated directly into PhotoLab meaning that you don’t have to export to a plugin to do the perspective corrections.

Thanks, guys.