An error occurred while saving the DXO PhotoLab Database

I’m getting this message a lot. It was sporadic at first, now it seems to happen regularly.

Is there debugging I can turn on to provide to someone to help diagnose?

What release are you working with?

This is an error that I saw constantly, but only several releases ago. It happened when I exported an image to an external editor and saved it back to the original image. PL (and OP before it) would not properly display the thumbnail of the revised and edited image and after a couple of these return “saves” I would get this error.

However I have not seen it since the Dxo engineers fixed the problem (perhaps in PL2?) so that now the externally edited images can be saved back to the original files.

3.1.0 build 29.

I can’t predict when it will happen as it seems to be sporadic and infrequent. After it happens, the app stays up and running, but when I eventually quit, it shows a message warning me that the DB was not saved.

I’m not entirely certain what was saved and not saved. Perhaps the information on individual photo edits have been saved to sidecars, so the only thing I would really lose is the up-to-date library and any projects I’ve created.

That is exactly the same sequence I used to have, but I have not seen it since the fix I mentioned and that must have been at least a year ago. I ended up having to delete the database file to get around the problem.

I am on 3.1.0, build 27 and have not had that problem but I will update to build 29 and see if I have it as well. Were you exporting to an external editor and then saving the images back when you saw this problem?

No it just seemed to happen in the middle of things. I don’t typically have an external editor in my workflow.

Then even though your issue sounds exactly like the one I had it must be something different, and I have not been able to reproduce it using the same steps that caused it on the much earlier versions of OP and PL, even with the latest update installed.

Sorry I have not been of any help.