AMD Ryzen Pro 7 5750 processor for DXO PhotoLab 5?

I am the market for budget PC. I like small form factor like some Lenovo and HP.

I am considering Lenovo M75 with AMD Ryzen Pro 7 5750G . Is there anyone used this processor which has integrated graphic Radeon Vega 8 ?

I have Ryzen 5700G that should perform approximately as a 5750G. It worked OK with DxO PL Elite but I did upgrade the PC with a GTX 1660. Much faster for Deep Prime with a dedicated graphics card, but for everything else it was quick enough.

Hi Michael

Using a self build pc with a ryzen 5 5600, 32 gb ram and a titan x card
What you need to do is

DxO PhotoLab features DxO DeepPRIME, the advanced AI alogrithm, leveraging a modern GPU with masses of dedicated memory and an advanced architecture.

Integrated graphics is generally low end GPU and might not even work

A copy of coreinfo might be of use as well as a lenovo forum chat

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