“Ambience” and "Structure" slider like in Snapseed

When traveling, I mostly edit my photos quick & dirty (for an Insta story or so) on my smartphone using the “Snapseed” app. Two of the most efficient and most used controls are “Ambience” and “Structure”…

Today I edited a whole bunch of vacation-pictures with Photolab and often wished for these two controls.

Since Snapseed originally comes from the NIK Collection, the know-how should be there and it shouldn’t be too difficult to implement these parameters in Photolab, right?

Feel free to vote, if you like this idea too :slight_smile:

Ambience is like Smart Lighting and structure is like ClearView Plus

I think you can easily get similar results with just these two sliders.


The fine contrast controls if you have Film Pack also are of big help in replicating the effect of “Structure” (less immediately, maybe, but with a LOT more possibility for fine tweaking).

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I think a combination of fine-contrast with micro-contrast would do the trick but with greater control than a single structure slider.


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Agreed. I wish the fine adjustments were available without having to pay the expensive and largely irrelevant to me filmpack. Their absence has never made any sense to me. I now use dxo for raw conversion and noise, and lightroom for processing partly for that reason. At £70 pa with freely available promotions lightroom (plus photoshop etc) is hugely useful and hugely better value than filmpack but I really wish I didn’t have to use it.