Am I doing something wrong with Silver Efex?

I sent a RAW file - for which I have a DXO processing module - to Silver Efex Pro. The image properties report that the resultant TIFF file has no DXO module available for correction. This hasn’t happened to me when using Sharpener Pro, the only other NIK module I have used with any serious effort. I imagine that all the lens correction gets performed during the export to TIFF, but could there be something else I have overlooked?

Yes, that’s correct, Mike. The resultant TIFF (from Silver Efex Pro) will therefore contain your lens corrections . . there are no more automatic corrections to be done.

John M

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… there is no more need to apply module corrections if you have applied them before sending the image to the nik. It is unfortunate that dxo does use the same badge to signal an already applied correction in this case. It looks like DPL treated the newly created tiff as something completely new, which is understandable as long as we have the media break between DPL and NIK.

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Thanks to you and to John-M. As most of my experiments with NIK had been with the RAW sharpener, I hadn’t noticed how Viveza and HDR put the same symbol on their TIFF outputs.