Always Prefer High Quality Preview (PL 5.1.3 Windows Version)

I have just tried out “Always Prefer High Quality Preview” in the PhotoLab settings. I don’t see any difference to the standard view.
W10x64, PL 5.1.3. Build 4720

Did you restart PL5?

It keeps images in the edit screen from blurring as you’re moving sliders, but it may be slower on some machines as it uses more resources.


Hi Ralf,
I understood that it is for better rendition while editing, not for the ‘static’ view.

I thought, that the big (main) image window should show the final version.

Did you see my earlier post? Using that feature is intended to prevent the preview from blurring as you are moving sliders while editing. That is all it does.


No, I don’t remember this earlier post. Thank you for the explanation!

You are welcome. My earlier post was a reply to you in this topic.


Oh sorry. The forum software only gave me an information about Wolfgang’s answer (per email and here). I’m going to test this feature a little more next time, when I have new images to edit. Maybe my 64 GB RAM is strong enough.

The reason it is an option is because on less powerful older computers that feature can slow down viewing the results when moving the sliders. On faster computers the very slight delay is not really noticeable.


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