Alow converters to work

In addition to the long standing discussion of getting unsupported lenses/cameras to work in PL there are converters. With the growth of mirrorless cameras a big problem that urgently needs addressing is adapters that allow lenses intended for either lenses for mirror cameras and or for other makes of camera. I currently use Sony a6000 and 6400 and have a lot of Canon lenses including telephoto ones. For less than £200 I can get a Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter that will allow many of my lenses including the telephotos to work on the Sony cameras. Not all lenses work well but my expensive ones are reported to work well. All the ones working have accurate signalling between camera and lenses so that shouldn’t be a problem. The problem is DXO coming up with a solution of marrying up the cameras and non-matching lenses joined with converters. Given the choice between spending well over £1500 for a Sony 70-600 lenses and using my existing Canon EF 400mm F4 DO IS II USM and 1.4 and 2 extenders and using another program that will support them on a a64000 I think I know what I am likely to do and I would think increasingly more will be in this position as customers get mirrorless cameras and converters to use their existing (or even new) lenses.

So will DXO please look at how to allow converters to work between cameras and lenses.

That would be great, but I imagine it is a tall order, with thousands of combinations of lenses, converters, and mirrorless bodies. Probably into the thousands of profiles would need to be developed.

Have you ever thought of creating your own lens/body profiles? I have done several just by visually looking at the file details on-screen, and they work very well.

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All it needs is to be able to add a lense to a camera using exiting profiles. Something that many have asked for and converters make even more urgent.