Allow the upload of Canon CR3 raws to the forum


sometimes it can be handy to upload RAWs to the forum.

Most RAW files are supported, such as Nikon NEF, Sony ARW and Canon CR2 but I’m unable to upload Canon CR3.

Is it possible to allow CR3 too?

Hmmm. have you tried zipping them to disguise the extension?

That’s a question only @DxO_Support-Team can answer. Whether or not they will answer I have no idea but we can all live in hope.

Meanwhile Joanna’s suggestion is a practical workaround.

Didn’t think of that…

Sometimes the solution can be so easy, if you think of it :smiley:

Its not reasonable or realistic for this forum to host an unlimited number of RAW uploads. Especially larger ones. Someone has to pay for the storage. Use a file sharing app, DropBox, GoogleDrive, Box etc and post a link. Its just not realistic to do so, and I’m not sure if Discourse even supports it.

Correct but that’s not what’s being requested by the OP. They simply want to be able to upload .CR3 format files, which will be no larger than already permitted .NEF files.

IMG_5540.CR3.cr2 (23.6 MB)


That’s a cr2 :wink:

The newer cr3 isn’t supported

after cleaning my glasses and paying more attention to details, I saw what you did :joy:

Then don’t allow uploading at all. Now Nikon, Sony and Canon CR2 files are allowed. Zip is allowed, even MS Word .doc is allowed but the already a couple of years available CR3 isn’t.

Many forums cap uploads at 5MB. But its not my forum and I’m not footing the bill. I understand there is significant hardship having to spend 2 minutes and click a mouse 3 more times. Many forums, except file sharing websites don’t support anything except .jpg, .png. anyway. Guess we will see if Discourse supports it. If they decide to add it, great.

Ah good, I was just about to come round with a bucket of cleaning solution :rofl:

It’s just a case of renaming the final extension and @platypus simply added another, acceptable, extension instead of zipping it. Now, what were we saying about computers being intelligent? :laughing:

They are not “intelligent” but only “artificially” intelligent :grinning:

I never said that. I guess you missed the post where I tried to upload a CR3 file to the forum and found out I can’t. You’re solution is exactly what I did: I uploaded it to my own cloud storage and shared a public link.

But that is beyond the point of this forum management suggestion. If you support all major RAW files including CR2, NEF, ARW and DNG plus various other, potentially very big, file extensions such as zip you can also support CR3.

It has nothing to do with Discourse supporting it. All forum software I used you can simply set a list of allowed extensions. The forum software doesn’t have to render it, just offer it as a download as it does with the other RAW extensions as well.

What other forums support isn’t relevant.

@DxO_Support-Team Why has this issue of NOT allowing the upload of .CR3 files still not been addressed?

@DxO_Support-Team In case you need help fixing this problem, see here:

It’s simply a case of a Site Admin adding ‘.cr3’ to the list of allowed extensions. It can’t be more than a 2 minute job.

It’s not just certain file formats that are not allowed, there is also a limit on file size.

Why not just zip the file and, provided it is not too big, post that?

I’m not wishing to upload a .CR3 file at this time. I just came across this topic again and realised the problem still hasn’t been fixed. It took me one simple search to find out how to fix it so I’m tagging @DxO_Support-Team in the hope they actually care about this inconsistency and can get a Site Admin to spend less than 5 mins fixing the problem.

I don’t suppose they do care though. It’s well documented here that DxO are not interested in how their lack of interaction with their customers is perceived by their customers, preferring to let their customers think the worst of them.

Because it’s a bit double. Why support CR2 but not CR3?

File size cannot be the limiting factor and ZIPping is not a solution for that as there’s not much to compress. RAW data isn’t something you can compress much. I tried zipping a couple of CR3 file: zipping a single file only compresses it with 100KB or so. Even zipping multiple CR3 files doesn’t bring down the file size with more than a couple of hundreds of KB.


I dare say zipping was suggested to be able to upload the file (if .zip files can be uploaded), not to save the space …

File size was mentioned as one of the reasons to not support CR3. But that should not be the problem to support it as for example CR2, NEF and ARW are supported.

So having to zip a CR3 file is just an unnecessary step.

But I’ve already giving up on CR3 support to be honest.