Allow Picture to be mirrowed: Easy addition in geometry groupy

I habe been digitizing several hundreds of film slides with a macro lens and MFT camera. Further finetuning with PL4. Sometimes, the slide has been copied from the worng side and only later realized that this was an error. To get the corresponding mirrow image, I have to leave PL4 and go to e.g. Affinity or Irfanview. It should be very simple to add this feature to the next version.

Several threads cover this topic. Search for flip and add your votes…

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Thank you. I added my votes.

Agree this is a useful transformation. In the mean-time you may consider to use a lossless transformation tool to flip the JPGs after export. The lossless ones won’t degrade image quality (they don’t execute the lossy parts of the Compression. They just reorder the data.)

You can move all of these that need to be flipped to a folder and batch process the folder.

Not trying to take away from the feature request but it may be able to help you.