Allow missing watermark file to be just a warning

When exporting a batch of images, there is at least one warning condition — ambiguous modules — which can be bypassed to allow the export to run.

However, if an image specifies a watermark image that cannot be found, that image causes a hard error and is not exported.

It should be possible to allow that hard error to be a warning and export without the watermark.

Alternatively, a mechanism for locating missing watermarks would be useful. At some point in the past my watermark file moved location, likely during a computer migration, and now I have a lot of old photos that refer to the wrong location and this is very difficult to spot if just re-exporting.

Similarly, when a range of images is selected for export and the output file-name exists for at least one of them … a pop-up window asks, either, Overwrite ? - or - Create Unique Name ?

A third option would be very helpful; Ignore where output exists ?

  • this would allow us to select a range of images for export - without having to carefully choose ONLY those not yet exported → Simplicity and efficiency.

John M

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