Allow Ctrl +/- to zoom without numeric keypad

Pressing Ctrl +/- (on numeric keypad) on a fullsize keyboard is able to zoom in / out. But on a notebook keyboard without numeric keypad, no possible to do this.

Please consider to support pressing Ctrl +/- (on non-numeric keypad, i.e. next to backspace key) to do the same.


This is already possible on a Mac.

I use a mini keyboard with no number pad and can do this on Windows using Ctrl and the two keys (+/-) to the left of Backspace. Ditto on my Win laptop.

Ctrl + Mouse Scroll button will do this for you, James.

John M

Ctrl +/- works with me on pl3 and win 10. If the image window has focus than just scrolling is working too.
More annoying is that when the screen or program window is to small that the zoom info is disappearing while the Viewpoint items stay vissible. Zoom info is something I need all the time, viewpoint I only use once in a session.


Hi tilltheendofeternity,

It’s not the case on my Asus notebook.

Hi Joanna,

Thanks for you reply! I’m using Windows.