Allow all features to work in all types of files

Why would Deep Prime only work for raw files, and not JPEGs?
Same with… the tint slider??? I understand things don’t work the same with each image type, but other programs let you use all their tools in all photos, like Lightroom, Darktable, rawtherapee… But not PhotoLab!

Because DeepPrime and DeepPrime XD are working at demoisacing level, so only on RAW as jpg are already demoisaced.

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I will agree with you on the tint slider, I’d love to have both axes available for RGB images. However DeepPRIME is more than just NR. It is also a demosaicing algorithm and the NR is applied “smartly” during the demosaicing process. RGB images have already been demosaiced so DP can’t be applied to them. This is the reason why DP is so much better than the plasticky NR applied, after demosaicing, by all the other processors that you mention.


Yes - I understand that each tool has a reason for not working here or there. My point is that the devs should circumvent those reasons. For instance, the temp and tint sliders in Lightroom are different if you load a JPEG or a raw file, because of many technical things that I don’t know, but understand that the depth of information from each filetype is vastly different. Yet temp and tint work on any single file you throw at Lightroom.

A “Deep Prime YZ” could run on JPEGs just like Topaz’s PhotoAI, DeNoise, Gigapixel and Sharpen work on any single file you throw at Topaz.

It’s just very limiting. You hit a brick wall when you think you can simply adjust the tint because, “why couldn’t you?”, and you can’t.

I’m just listing these 2 examples, but I’m sure there are several more, I just stopped using PL6 thanks to the sluggishness feature they added this past December and scrolling through my Christmas photos takes ages when it used to be quick. And I’m in the latest update - that’s 3~4 versions since it started being so slow. But I’m going completely off-topic, what I was trying to say is that PL feels very limiting, like when it works it works AMAZING, I prefer PL’s output than LR… but it’s very picky on how and when and where it wants to work =\

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I get that, and I don’t mean that the exact same program [let’s say Deep Prime XD" runs on every image file because I know that’s not possible, raw is different than JPEG and TIFF etc… but even if it is a different thing, let us use the feature.
A different kind of temp/tint slider for JPEGs, a different Deep Prime version for JPEGs… just let the user use all the features in all the filetypes, even if they behave differently, like in Lightroom. And to be fair, Topaz does work in raw and jpeg files, and results are vastly superior to the other programs I mentioned, and is very close to PL.

DxO does allow us to use HQ noise reduction on our jpegs. HQ NR is what one gets when one takes the RAW debayering sauce out. So I mostly understand about jpegs, on the other hand, DxO’s famous reluctance to support DNG (Android, iPhone, scanner, etc) is extremely frustrating.


Yes, but it’s not Deep Prime-good, and meanwhile Topaz can denoise just the same a raw file or a JPEG. And obviously under the hood it’s not doing the same to either file, but the user gets the same, or at least a VERY good result, much above HQ NR.

And to your point on DNGs, yes, totally agree and it’s more of the same. Just let all the features work on all filetypes. Including DNGs, which is just shocking that it’s not supported.

Me too but there was a topic a while ago where someone from DxO explained how it wasn’t logical for colour temp in demosaiced image to have both axes. I didn’t understand that then and I still don’t. Affinity Photo has no problem with having both blue-yellow and magenta-green controls on JPEGs, TIFFs etc.


Yeah, I’m not buying that either. I certainly agree that while WB is more properly handled at the RAW stage, some control over both axes at the RGB stage is possible and this is demonstrated by other processors.