Advice - new laptop - DxO Photolab2

Hi all
i would like to upgrade my laptop and i’m here to ask you some suggestions.
I’m mainly using DXO Photolab2 and photography is my passion (not my work) :slight_smile:

At the moment my laptop is a hp 350g with:

  • cpu i5-5200U cpu (2.20GHz)
  • 16gb di ram
  • 512 ssd
  • integrated intel graphics card

My budget is around 1500€.
Which laptop did you suggest to me? I’d rather choose between Hp or Lenovo or Dell.
Is it necessary, in your opinion, an i7 8th gen. cpu or an i5 8th gen. could be enough?

Thanks in advance,

Well memory is changable a core /cpu not that easy.
So get the fastest processor, and a highend screen and threst is on a later basis upgradable if needed
So if you can get the i7

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