Advanced export options for file naming

I am missing the feature to “construct” my folders and filenames depending on metadata when exporting. For now I am a user of Capture One which offers this feature.
Example: There is a root folder. During export there is a folder created named by metadata “title”. The imagefiles to export get the filename from “title” followed by a sequence number.

Would glad to find that feature in the near future :slight_smile:


Hi, Micha. Your request is similar to this feature request, which you can vote for and add comments to:

Custom templates for filenames of exported files - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums

Note that when you create a feature request, it needs to be in the subcategory “Which feature do you need?” in order to be votable. You can edit this topic you created (if you have enough forum experience) and change the category/subcategory if you wish. Or simply add on to the older feature request if you think it’s the same.

@Greg, I think, @MikeSB wants a file naming based on tokens, not on fixed templates with pre-filled entries. So, that would be different. One could export a couple of files taken at different apertures and the filename would then have an [aperture] block like [DateYYYYMMDD]-[project]-[title]-[aperture].jpg. Good to compare lenses…

I just saw, the thread opener didn’t even vote for his own idea and the thread is dead since March. Well, one more “forgotten” feature request more or less, who cares? :roll_eyes:

Custom templates for filenames of exported files - #2 by Wolfgang

Hi Greg,

thanks for your hint. I changed the subcategory for that request. As Joachim stated I am looking for a feature which builds folder- and filenames by using metadata items from the images.


Don’t forget to vote.

did! - thanks :slight_smile: